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Garret Bertrand


YOU are Justice... YOU are BATMAN!

Ever wondered how it would be like to be Batman? How about designing your own Batman that you've always dreamed of?

Well in this course, I'll teach you techniques to make your own, but you don't have to be a billionaire playboy!

3d modeling course for 3d printing
We'll start with this

Starting with primitive shapes, we'll move vertexes, edges, and faces to get the shape we desire

3d modeling for 3d printing
Then we'll get this

After manipulating the shape, we'll get our Batman armor ready to 3d print

3d modeling for 3d printing

3d print and wear your own Batman armor! You'll learn how to design a full armor set with the course!

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Charles Webb

Uncle Jessy sent me, and I can say, I've learned more in 26 minutes watching your videos than 2 years in college. I hope you are having fun teaching, because you make learning fun. Keep up the great work!

3d modeling for 3d printing
Mac Buzzard

"HUGE shout-out to Nikko on these videos. I've been struggling to self learn blender for a couple years now. Learned more in 30 minutes of your videos than all that time. There's so much in Blender for animating, render image, recording, so on. The Blender branded tutorials are just brain numbing."

3d modeling for 3d printing

"bought your course over the weekend. In my opinion, IT'S THE BEST STEP BY STEP I HAVE EVER DONE!!! Almost done with my version of the Mando helmet. The commentary is awesome as well. Thank you!!!

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